Wonderland Foods is a brand introduced by Sun Organic Industries Pvt. Ltd to ensure that only quality nuts are imported to India. Delivering premium quality of dry fruits, nuts, seeds, mixes and assorted berries across pan-India for all age groups, their products go through tremendous intricacies to guarantee a consistent taste and one of a kind flavour.


  • Low Search Ranking & Sales
  • Negative Brand Impression
  • Lack of Online Marketing
  • Solution Offered

    Keyword Research
    Uncovering the actual search queries the audience uses to describe their products across various marketplaces.

    Employing creative and technical keyword strategies to affect the online visibility in organic search results.

    Market Place Optimization
    Analyzing current marketplace visibility and determining the opportunities to increase product rankings and sales.

    Google Ads
    Setting up the merchant centre, re-targeting users based on online behaviour using abandoned cart optimizations and ad campaigns to boost clicks.

    Types of Google Ads utilized

    Strategic Reviews
    Moving the needle towards a positive brand impression through an optimized and strategic reviewing of their products online.