Westech Group is an able service provider of background verification and investigation services to an impressive clientele in numerous industries. They are proficient in the field of Private Security Services, Facility Management, CCTV Surveillance and Private Investigations and is providing its services to various sectors like Government, MNCs, Embassies, Educational, Industrial, Residential and Commercial.


Due to the extreme specificity of their niche, lack of end-consumer awareness was a sure-shot issue. Since they wanted to venture into the digital sphere, a complete brand overhaul was indispensable for the marketing strategy. Locating the targeted audience and then capturing their attention for conversion posed heavy challenges while devising the strategy. 


We initiated a complete brand revamp strategy to inculcate a strong and improved presence on the digital medium. Coupled with targeted advertising, content and design support, our efforts converted an indifferent audience to listeners. Also, to automate their Business Development and Marketing goals, profile-management on potential platforms was a key task that provided fruitful results for them. 


  • Brand Communication Management,
  • Social Media Intelligence,
  • Brand Identity Management,
  • Brand Overhaul Strategy