A premium fitness brand, Viva Fitness is making great strides in the world of fitness equipment and accessories. From advanced Treadmills, Elliptical Trainers to hi-tech Bikes, Crosstrainers, you name it and they have it. Viva Fitness has been accredited for expanding the horizons of its parent organization – SIPL in India, alongside sibling brands like Vector X and Pro Kennex.


On the similar lines of Vector X, differentiation and creating a solid brand image was the topmost priority and the biggest challenge. Viva Fitness had to compete with the existing brands to capture the “fitness-wave”. Setting up a new brand for SIPL required major marketing tactics to provide a complete rehaul for their brand.


Apart from Organic growth on the digital medium, Viva Fitness catapulted into the spotlight through strategic influencer tie-ups with our assistance. Our robust influencer marketing strategy streamlined the sentiment of the audience and engaged them with exciting content. The Influencer-reach out program resulted in inspiring other bloggers and stakeholders, to produce more engaging content on similar lines.


  • Advertising & Outreach Management
  • Influencer-Reachout Strategy
  • Brand-Identity Management