PAF logistics is a progressive logistics and supply chain solution provider, that delivers excellence throughout India, by integrating people, technology and processes. Be it the route from procurement to delivery or individual shipments to mass distribution, PAF logistics has carved a big name in the industry by providing individual solutions for the entire supply chain.


For PAF, managing the overall shipment process was the most vital task, to enable them with a bird’s eye view of the process. Achieving such functionalities required a digital medium to bring the utmost efficiency, for which we were tasked to create an intuitive admin dashboard and app. Since the cargo management process relied heavily on real-time data for live tracking and allocation, the dashboard had to be super powerful, yet easy-to-use for the admin for a reduced workload.


  • Super Admin Panel
  • PAF Android app
  • Checkpoint Android App
  • Technologies Used

    NodeJS, MongoDB, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Android