Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2018 & THE HUSTLER’S Giveaway Blog

Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2018 & THE HUSTLER’S Giveaway Blog

The jazz of a Brand, the craze of a Tagline, the creativity of a Logo, the tedious coding of a Website and the UI of an App, the World is going crazy behind building their online assets but what makes them do all this? Any benefit? Absolutely, the perks of growing business online are growing exponentially, however, building online business needs something which can redefine a brand’s identity and that is what we are here to explain, the concept of Digital Marketing.

Interesting, right? Welcome to an exciting journey of Digital marketing Blogs with the Hustler’s. In our 2018 series of blogs we intend to give away some brilliant ideas and insights about the industry. So, let us deep dive in the series and explore the USP’s of an industry which is in its booming phase.


What is Digital Marketing?digital-marketing-the-hustler-collective

Explaining in the Hustler Style, Digital Marketing is exactly like traditional marketing that we have known for years. It is an evolved form of the old school marketing yet both of them have common basis, here are some examples of the same. Word Of Mouth marketing is like Influencer marketing, Ad campaign is like GDN, Pamphlets and flyers are replaced by online creatives on social media etc. However, the only difference is that the traditional marketing was done offline however when we say digital we mean nothing more than online marketing.

In the recent years this form of marketing has swayed the market with its immense power and influence but what makes it the talk of the town is because of the fact that a business, be it small or big, can exploit its advantages at an optimized cost and great benefits such as better brand name and new leads. The integrated system of algorithms which actually helps these businesses in reaching their perspective customers is a clutter breaking way for an era of millennials to reach newer heights.

Keep that curiosity intact, till then we will just brush up some facts for you!!

Time for Some Factual Updates collected by the Hustler’s:

  • current-facts-the-hustler-collectiveMobile Devices will account for 72% of the total digital spend by 2019.
  • According to the Digital Experts, digital ad spending will climb to $77.37 billion which will leave behind the TV commercial spend of TV $72.01 billion.
  • Digital Marketer revealed, display ads have increased 39.7% in 2016
  • 46% of people with an online account count on social media when they are making a purchase decision.
  • 38% of companies will hire more digital experts in the span of 5 Years.
  • In the US, 70 % of local businesses leveraging Facebook. Almost 100 million active Twitter users log in once in a day at least.
  • SEO has a great impact on lead generation as per 57 % B2B Marketers.
  • 67 % more leads are generated is done via blogging/vlogging by B2B companies in comparison to non – blogging sites and companies.
  • Almost 26 % of marketing budgets are spent on content by B2B Marketers.

These are just a few numbers to give you an insight of the growth of this sector across the globe.

After studying these facts and also the case studies of our own clients we conclude these as the 5 major trends which will show up in 2018:


INFLUENCER MARKETINGinfluencer-marketing-the-hustler-collective 

Influencer marketing is a type of digital marketing form in which the anchor is placed on an influential person who has a fan following base. The aim is to spot-out these Influencers which have a say over a genre or section of the market and revolve marketing activities around them such as the promotion of a particular product.

Influencers create content which is framed as an indirect advertisement where they play the role of a potential buyer themselves, or they may be third parties in order to build a trust. This may also be done by journalists and bloggers/vloggers in a way to review a product. All those videos on YouTube, maximum of them are paid promotions however we still watch them to know the reviews. This is the power of Influencer market, you follow a person, not a product. The Hustler’s see this trend growing and booming in 2018.


online-reputaion-management-the-hustler-collectiveONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT

Reputation management has been a major means to influence and control an individual’s or a brand’s reputation. Initially, a PR industry based practice, the growth of the digital platforms and social media, along with a deep understanding of the concept by the Digital Marketing Companies, has made online search results, a core part of an individual’s or a brand’s reputation.

Online reputation management, sometimes connoted as ORM, focuses on the management of products, services and brand perception on the online search website results.

It is done by creating an enormous amount of positive content, infographics and strategies to rank positive content at the top of the search results. It is a 360-degree solution for brand imaging and building.


CONTENT MARKETINGcontent-marketing-the-hustler-collective

Content marketing is a constructive form of building the presence of a brand online. Content has the power to influence the perception of a client/end-user about the product or a brand. More and more content is now uploaded on various mediums to influence the customers with the ideation of storytelling. The purpose is to establish a brand connection over a period of time. The content written is not generic but kept search sensitive so that it reaches the customers who have a plethora of options and reviews to look at.


VLOG (VIDEO BLOGGING)vlogging-the-hustler-collective

Vlogging is an efficient and effective strategy for brands and individuals. This strategy is well- adopted by the generation in the recent years. The motive is to generate the maximum amount of traffic to the websites. Be it a new vlogger or an old vlog star, beauty and health Influencer, or a skilled expert with cutting-edge experience and knowledge in the field of social media marketing – everyone is trying their hand at promoting some business, or promoting themselves through this medium.

For many well-known vloggers, it is their primary source of earning. It is even an effective option for brands to go for this sort of marketing which reaches a large audience in a single shot.


DISPLAY ADVERTISINGdisplay-advertising-the-hustler-collective

A display ad also known as a banner is a paid form of advertising wherein a creative ad is displayed when the user visits a website of their interest. Viewers can then click on the ad and they will reach the landing page of the website or brand asset promoted on the display network.

Display ads are not found in the search results rather just appear on the website or link you search for. They can be spotted on websites and can feature interactive displays or some type of animations which will be engaging for the viewer and will increase the click-through rate.

These advertisements are not only displayed by Google Display Network but various other mediums, amongst which is Facebook advertisements.

According to Hustler’s, this is the best way to generate a good traffic to the website and generate leads as well.



The digital marketing arena is growing by leaps and bounds. The possibility of constructing something unique out of this is immense. It is finally the time for the brands to come out of the price competition and level-up their game by using the above strategies and redefining marketing. The Hustler Collective, one of the most innovative Internet Marketing Company, foresees this industry as an opportunity to create a deep connection of a brand with its client base and a better Brand Image. With innovation in its strategies, a company/brand/person can grow exponentially with Digital marketing.


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