Top 10 Digital Industry Updates Of 2018

Top 10 Digital Industry Updates Of 2018

‘The digital marketing industry changes rapidly’, would be an understatement. To manage the hustle of digital marketing, one must be well-versed with the latest updates. With the ever-changing situation, marketing experts need to stay up-to-date with the evolving technology. So, we thought it would be an interesting idea to put together a list of Top 10 Digital Industry Updates of 2018.

1. Quora launches a New Promoted Answers Ad Unit


Quora unveiled a whole new Native Ad unit called Promoted Answers. The new feature offers marketers the opportunity to promote organic content posted on Quora by themselves or a third party. The promoted content which features a question, a small portion of an answer and the link can be promoted in the same way as it’s done in other social networking platforms.

However, all Quora Ads look similar to the website and are referred to as Native Ads. Just like Twitter’s promoted tweets and Facebook’s promoted posts, Quora’s Promoted Answers also promote organic content.

2. Google will soon be shutting down Allo


Another popular Google messaging application is about to perish, and this time it’s Allo. First launched in 2016 with a bunch of smart features like Google Assistant support, one tap smart replies and the ability to share web search results in the conversation, the application will be shut down in March 2019. However, the Search Giant has also decided to shut down Hangout, another popular messaging app. The users can export their chat histories from the app before these apps vanish.

Google stopped all Allo related developments, noticing that it hadn’t gained the kind of popularity that the company was expecting. After shutting it down completely, the company will entirely focus on messages, the RCS-capable app that adds modern functionality to SMS on Android, just like Apple’s iMessage.

3. YouTube unveils the Stories feature for creators with more than 10,000 subscribers


Started by Snapchat, the popular Stories format which was first adopted by Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook, is now being adopted by YouTube. YouTube has launched its own version of Stories to take them further than just a video hosting site and add more elements of social networking. The motive behind the YouTube Stories is to give the creators an easy way to engage with their subscribers and fans during their free time.

4. LinkedIn prohibits its Marketers from Exporting Emails with its New Privacy Setting


Professional networking giant, LinkedIn has introduced a new change in the privacy setting that allows the user to choose whether or not to share their email address with their connections.

Before this setting was introduced, just by accepting a connection, the user on LinkedIn was providing their email address via user data export. With this new setting, the users can now hide their email addresses not only from the data exporter but also from the first party connections. The company globally rolled out this feature without any formal announcement.

5. Facebook rolls out Group Stories Universally and adds Emoji Reactions


Facebook has launched group stories globally so that everyone can dive into its very own version of Snapchat. The user can use this feature to post photos and videos that automatically vanish after 24 hours. Until now, the company had limited this feature to only a few users. Facebook started offering Stories to groups earlier this year but it’s now adding emoji reactions to it so that the members can respond to the posted content.

Facebook offers brands and advertisers a possibility to connect with the audience and generate more engagement on the platform apart from the Newsfeed Ads. As the stories are available worldwide, all marketer managing groups will be able to use this content format to promote more interaction between the group members.

6. WordPress to release its New Update


WordPress owner Matt Mullenweg has announced the latest version of the WordPress Platform- 5.0, which features the highly anticipated Gutenberg editor. With a new block editor and a 2019 theme, the company reports its Gutenberg release will be the platform’s biggest release of 2018. The new update has been a significant topic of discussion and criticism within the community and is considered as one of the major digital industry updates of 2018.

7. Adobe adds New Features to its Data Management Platform


Adobe has made new changes to its data management with two new features:

i. Trait Exclusion in Algorithmic Models: Advancing lookalike output.

It is the ability to subtract common trait while creating a lookalike user model. This new trait offers unmatched transparency and control in lookalike modeling by making it possible to eliminate selected traits from the model analysis and focusing on relevant and appropriate audience traits.

ii. Impressions by segment and Data Explorer availability

The second feature has the ability to automatically report on Ad impressions by the user segment. According to Adobe, ‘this new feature allows marketers to better attribute costs to different data sources for a given user segment.’

Adobe is also making Data Explorer available which was announced as a beta version in September. It is a self-service suite in the core of Audience Manager for utilizing raw data.

8. Google introduces Chrome 71 With an Abusive Ads Blocker


Google’s latest Chrome browser has now taken new steps to battle pesky advertising. Version 71 for Windows, Mac, and Linux – adds the ability for Chrome to detect websites with illusive Ad techniques and block their Ads. Such sites will be blacklisted by the browser after which Google will send them a warning notice after a period of 30 days. Ads on that website won’t be shown to users visiting it with Chrome even if the Google platform is still running that ad.

9. YouTube drops Paywall from Its Originals and explores Advertising


YouTube announced that it will drop the paywall from some of its Originals programming and make the shows available on the free-Ad support platform with two billion users.

The latest example of the change is the upcoming basketball docuseries ‘Best Shot’ produced by NBA star, LeBron James. The series when released will be available on Premium and YouTube will also be releasing new episodes weekly for free, however, with the inclusion of Ads.

10. Google is launching more Features for a Responsive Search Ad along with 10 Languages


The search engine giant, Google continues to roll out its Responsive Search Ads – the Ads that firmly serve a combination of headlines and descriptions with new features. In the coming weeks, users will start to see suggested headlines and descriptions while forming new Responsive Search Ads. The features will roll out in English with other languages following. While making it easier to create RSAs in the interface, Google will start importing headlines and descriptions from the existing text Ads in the same Ad group.

In a nutshell, 2018 featured an interesting array of digital developments. Which of these digital industry updates of 2018 will appear as the most beneficial to the companies and audience? Only time will tell. Let us know how your organization is planning to use these developments. Post your opinions in the comments section below.

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