The Year In Search Report 2018, India

The Year In Search Report 2018, India

Amidst Isha Ambani’s wedding, Congress winning the elections and Miss World beer crowned, Google published its Year In Search Report, 2018. For the starters, year in search report is a report spread across 11 verticals to unveil consumer behavior and the shift in consumer preferences every year. The questions and keywords searched in India have a lot to reveal about the present day economic, financial, professional and personal interests of the population. This search report is a Bible for any marketer, getting into the game of building “clutter-breaking marketing strategies.” So, fasten your seat-belts to discover the real face of online Indian economy.

Year In Search Report, 2018, Complete Analysis, Statistics and Predictions

India Comes Online! Just talking about the numbers, it is predicted that 650 million people will come online in 2020 as compared to 400+ million people in 2017. Moreover, there will be 500 million connected smartphone users in India by 2020. Well, now we know how Jio is shifting the “online users’ graph” outwards. However, the fact which has highlighted the sustainability of this shift is that there has been a 10X growth in the local language searches in India which directly translates to the fact that the tier 2 and tier 3 cities are accepting the changes happening in the newly established digital India. That is all about the macro picture. Moving on to the micro picture, the predictions can literally indicate the dramatic shifts that are under the belts of the Indian subcontinent.

Google in its Year In Search Report 2018 has highlighted the following other interesting trends:


The “How to” Section

Under the “How to” section, the most searched query is ‘How to send Stickers in WhatsApp’. As the messaging platform is quite famous in India, no wonder the sticker update has been trending on Google.

The second most searched query under “How to” is ‘‘How to link Aadhaar with Mobile number.’ This totally explains how people follow what the government says. Commenting on the same thing about the government? Never mind. (CHANGE THE JOKE)


Gadgets Trends In India

In terms of smartphones, One Plus 6 is the most searched phone followed by Vivo V9, and then the Realme 2 Pro.

The top trending tech gadgets of 2018 in India were Google Home, GoPro Hero, Apple AirPods, Apple Watch Series 4, Fitbit Versa, Sony a7iii camera, Jabra Elite 65t, Bose Sound sport Free, GoPro Fusion and Amazon Echo Spot.


The “Near Me” Section

Google’s report also showed that in India, the top trending phrase in Near Me was ‘Mobile Stores near me’ beating ‘Supermarkets near me,’ and ‘Gas stations near me.’


Entertainment Section

Talking about the stars, Salman and Shahrukh nowhere touched the bar. Among the most searched personalities this year, Priya Prakash Varrier topped the list with her ‘wink’, followed by Nick Jonas with his marriage.

Among the most interesting search terms were those centered around ‘How to.’, and ‘What is…’, spanned from ‘what is the KiKi challenge’, to ‘How to solve a Rubik’s cube’.

The most searched for songs this year were ‘Neha Kakkar’s Dilbar Dilbar’, ‘Arijit Singh’s Tera Fitoor’ and ‘Atif Aslam’s Dekhte Dekhte’ and ‘Despacito’ remained the only foreign language entrant that made it to the list.


Market Section

The Year In Search Report 2018 clearly indicates that by 2020, the internet will influence $45b of the FMCG Business in India, which converts to a total of 40% share of the industry.

Another factor which comes complementary to the growth of the FMCG businesses online is the quantum of online transactions. There has been a 174% growth in the “Payment Banks” while searches for “Mobile Wallets” grew up by 70%. Getting a hint as to why Warren Buffet invested in PayTm?

There is a lot more on the platter. Offline retail stores for fashion and lifestyle witnessed a 50% increase in searches for “stores near me.”


AutoMotive Section

The demand for omnichannel car buying is increasing. 44% of the two-wheeler users research online before making their purchase and 68% car users believe that virtual reality can replace the test drive system.


Banking Section

There has been a 55% growth in the searches for SME loans. Also, there has been a 41% growth in queries for savings accounts.


E-Commerce Section

There has been more than 40% increase in the shopping inquiries online.


Education Section

More than 50% growth in online search around education was calculated in the last two years.


Media Section

There is a 100% growth in regional entertainment watch time on YouTube.


Retail Section

39% of smartphone users who conducted a local search, visited a store within a day to make a purchase.


Travel Section

There has been a 22% growth in air queries, 20% for vacations, 10% in hotel searches, 11% in cab services. Going further, a lot has been searched about technology and technology in 2018 and the technology for 2018 is ‘Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning’. There has been an increase in consumer interest around ‘Machine Learning’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ courses.


Sports Section

It seems India’s love affair with Cricket is on the back-seat as the queries for FIFA World Cup 2018 led the search trends, followed by the IPL.

This is an exhaustive list of things that are highly searched about in India. We are pretty sure that you could relate to some of the trends. There has been an incredible positive shift in terms of the online user base and the genre of searches. All this conveys the fact that India as a nation is growing in every aspect. Also, if these trends are kept as the base, there is a lot that the market can do after analyzing the current consumer behavior.

In the end, we would like to quote Jack Ma, “Trust the young people; trust this generation’s innovation. They’re making things, changing innovation every day. And all the consumers are the same: they want new things, they want cheap things, they want good things, they want unique things. If we can create this kind of things for consumers, they will come”.

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