The ORM In A Special Way – A Tool To Market Your Name

The ORM In A Special Way – A Tool To Market Your Name

A Great Brand is a Story that’s Never Completely Told

– Scott Bedbury


When a Brand is preferred before the Product, Congratulations!! A reputation has been established. The stock markets make it quite evident, how brands play well around their reputation. The intangible asset, which enters the balance sheet, saves a company from incurring huge marketing cost and of course plays a colossal role in increasing the revenues.

Benefits of an Established Reputation

1.  A Business Reputation Creates A Loyal Followership Base and Generates Interactions With The End Users:

Once you have an established reputation, less marketing efforts will be required to promote your brand. You will notice higher customer engagement in your campaigns and better sales results, all in the name of reputation.

2.  Control and Authority:

It is a well-known fact that you cannot influence anyone’s idea of feeling good or bad about your brand. People may form a conception about your brand on the basis of the products, their quality, reviews from others, the after-sales-services etc. But once you have an established reputation, it is easy for you to influence the opinion of the people to some extent.

3.  Your Reputation Grows On A Multiplier Effect:

Think of a brand which has an established reputation, in most of the cases it will show a pattern of its reputation amplifying with time, the trust of the people increases over generations and leads a brand in being a giant in its own niche. For e.g. Parle G, the brand itself is so established now that it amplifies itself rather than involving into fancy ads, which is done by most of the biscuit producing brands today.

4.  Word Of Mouth Marketing Is The King In The Marketing:

Reputation is the ladder for a brand to reach better goals but is climbed by its customers. Once you have a strong ladder, it is more likely that people will influence other people to climb it. That is word of mouth. One of your client’s getting another prospective sale for your business. This is because of your company’s reputation in the eyes of the customer.

5.  Two-sided Coin:

Nothing on this Earth has one side; no brand has is totally positive or negative when its reviews are seen. Once you are a brand, your name will carry the traces of both positive and negative reviews. But the impact of your reputation makes the effect of the negative reviews minimal.

For example, if there is a delayed delivery by Amazon, the person knows that the brand has a good reputation when it comes to managing complaints and hence this will minimize the size of his negative review.

6.  Reputation Is Beyond The People You Cater:

It is not just your customers, who influence and get influenced by your reputation but also various other stakeholders, which affect your business directly and indirectly. One such entity is your employees who work persistently to deliver your brand values. Your reputation decides how loyal your employees will be to the company.

For instance, an employee of Google knows that he is working for a brand and he has to deliver the best. This is because of Google’s reputation in the eyes of the employee. More people involved with your reputation are your investors, vendors etc. who need to be confident about your brand’s value (reputation).


So when an asset values so much, it is important to build it really well. This is where The Hustler Collective comes in the picture, we help brands to connect with their customers, the people who actually make/break the brand’s reputation and cater their needs in a much wider sense.

ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT is what exactly the brands need nowadays to step out and get recognized in the world where data and content are being produced at a thunderous rate.


What is ORM?

Online Reputation Management or ORM means to control the online conversation about your company/brand. The techniques and strategies of ORM ensure that people find positive content when they look for your brand on the Internet. At the initial stages, ORM is done by managing well the social media handles of the company, later the complexity of the processes increases.

How is online reputation managed?

high-valued-content-thc1.  Creation of Relevant and High-valued Content

The emphasis on this point is immense. When you wish to establish a Reputation, it is a slow process. Producing relevant content, which will engage your customers, is very important. But it is worthwhile to notice that brands are flooding the Internet with numerous content pieces, which defeats the purpose of the quality content. Hence, in order to establish a brand value slowly, a company needs to invest in quality content creation, which may be slow, but worthy of the time and efforts.

2.  Create Engagement

No consumer is going to come to your Facebook page and start asking about your work and products. You need to engage with the prospective and existing customers

There are many ways to this like setting up Google Alerts for your niche, your name, other keywords such as important names in the industry, generic product lines that you deal in, your competitors and any key phrases. Google Alerts will then provide you with the information about your industry. Be informed and engage on those topics and links to get a better brand visibility and hence better Reputation with time.

This is not a waste effort; knowing what your target audience wants and what it feels about you is the best way to know and improve the value of your reputation.

make-your-clients-listen-to-you-thc3.  Make your Clients Listen to You

Let us make this as easy as it is not. Engagement is not only about creating valued content but drafting a strategy about how to engage on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Quora etc.

This will make your customers relate to your company and with time, connect to the essence of your brand. The simple logic behind this is that the world is online, posting and engaging on various platform highlights your involvement and commitment towards your client, making them feels that you value them.

4.   The Old School SEO

SEO is never going out of the picture anytime soon. It helps your positive content to appear at the top of the search results, pushing down the negative news. A good SEO practice takes on an average 8 months to a year to show results. It is a long-term yet an effective method to reach your target audience.

Getting the best of news and establishments on the first page of any search engine is a task but worth the time and efforts. Your content and SEO practice has another major role which we are mentioning in the next point!!

5.  Backlinks, The Power Weapon

Who says that content is all about knowledge and information!! Backlink your content and redirect them to your online assets for creating better click-through rates. This will not only increase the traffic on your website but also increase the chances of sales.

So, the logic is simple, SEO+ Good Content+ Backlinks = Best of Reputation and User Engagement.


Reputation, as suggested by THE HUSTLER COLLECTIVE, is a really important asset. It takes years to build one and a minute to get it down. With ORM as the new approach, brands can monitor any activity, which involves them. They can, therefore, react to it in real-time. This not only leads to a better engagement by the brand but also helps in building a name in the market.

So, why don’t you pledge to gift your company the best of branding and reputation management assistance and try ORM, The Hustler Style!!

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