Online Display Advertising: Hitting Right on your Target Audience’s

Online Display Advertising: Hitting Right on your Target Audience’s

Hello fellow marketers! The Hustler Collective is back with yet another topic to get you a bigger bang for your buck!!

Vouching to reach your targets is a trait of a good marketer and The Hustler Collective does get that.

So in this blog, we are going to explore something that is omnipresent in all kinds of online mediums. And no we are not talking about Taimur Ali Khan’s b’day pictures! Well, you have seen it while scrolling down a website or even in your social media feeds, it also has the potential to tap your online behavior choices and follow you, wherever you browse.

Hoping that we have heightened your curiosity level, we are all set to unroll it to you. So here we are guiding you through your journey to run successful Display Network Advertisement by giving you a deep insight about its know-hows. It is literally the most prevalent species in the online landscape. In fact in US alone display ad spend reached $37.36 billion in 2017. It’s growing at an exponential rate. So, let us make you understand it from the scratch and build-up your understanding on the same.


What is online display advertising and why is it important for you to understand it?

A display ad, also known as a banner ad, is a form of online paid advertising that is designed using text, logos, animations, photographs, videos or other graphics.

Viewers can click on these advertisements (image/video), which takes them to the corresponding landing page.

Akin to print advertising, online display advertising puts your message adjacent to editorial content that your targeted audience is already surfing through. Advertisements show up on thousands of popular websites such as Fox News, CNN, and YouTube. With advanced targeting techniques, you can reach the right audience based upon geography, behavior and content that they are viewing.


Benefits of Online Display Advertising

  1. Lowers Marketing Cost

Tri-media – print, TV, Radio, and use of billboards are a lot more expensive than online advertisements.

There are billions of Internet users and you can reach them by spending just a couple of dollars. The online advertisement has in fact given small entrepreneurs a way to advertise themselves, thus making them at par with big brands. Augmentation in this form of advertisement is exactly what the future holds.

  1. Geo – Targeting

Online display advertising gives an insight about the geographical locations of the users who engaged with the ad. This information will help you to strategize and build your business in a way that supports demographics of your target audience.

Through gaining the insight about geographic demographics, you can use it to know the interest of your audience. Further this information can be used to design display ads in a way that attracts them. For instance, young people would naturally be more interested in movie stars, pop music whereas young professional would opt for topics like business, economics, health etc.  Irrelevant to the geography thing!!

  1. Gain Trust

“What shows more, registers more in the brain”

We don’t want you to spam the audience but having a balanced online presence through online display advertising can help you gain brand value and credibility. Especially for small businesses, it can really help to augment your overall worth and reach.

Why is it important for you?

You might have found yourself caught in the web of multiple problems like –

You have been running a display ad but not getting the desired result….

Low click through rate…

Your display ad looks bad……

People think of your ad as a spam ….

And so on and so forth,

So, to solve your predicaments, let’s start with the common mistakes marketers make while executing a display ad.



  1. Not making it visually appealing

The foremost goal of any ad is to catch eye balls. The ad must be able to garner attention in this competitive arena where everyone wants to cut through the noise.

Hence, we bring to you the five essential ingredients that can make your ad stand apart –

Size – Not only the ad size but also the elements that go into the ad like text, image must be properly sized.

Shape – Don’t let over-creativity conquer the context of the ad. A balance needs to be maintained. The elements and the text boxes should be well placed with their relevance kept in mind.

Colors – Colors have a great psychological impact in terms of how your message gets interpreted. While you might want to go bold by using dark colors. But dark colors can often lead to a negative connotation. Thus, equilibrium needs to be achieved.

What the trend expert says: Keep your design and the color scheme minimalistic.

Motion – Fling Mcglaughlin, M D MECLABS once said, “Motion has been abused in banner ads.” We find it pretty true .Though motion is a great tool to garner attention. But too much or too little can hamper its interpretation.

Position – The ideal position is, of course to place the ad in the visitor’s eye path where there is the highest concentration. But you might not always get that space. Thus, try to design your ad in a way that is in accordance with the placement.

  1. Running ads that are only desktop friendly

“In 2018, the amount that will be spent on mobile display advertising will account for 72.2% of the total amount spent on digital advertising”

Mobile display advertising is going to be the new trend. It is because of the multi functionality of the mobile and the extensive number of people who are getting connected with mobile network with every passing year.

We would personally reckon you to try mobile display advertising at least once and see if it works out for you.

  1. Focusing on ROI

It should perhaps be the most significant part for any advertiser but often doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

Optimizing best click-through rate is essential but is not enough. If the clicks don’t result into conversions or desired branding then it is important to rectify your ad.

To rectify it, be clear about the object of your advertising and measure ROI corresponding to it step by step.

Through tracking your return, you will be able to know who is clicking on what and where your advertising traffic is coming from.

It will help you to make a strategy in a way that leverages maximum growth.

  1. Using the same ads over and over again

Well, we know what it feels like to be spammed. Then why to give the same experience to your audience? Looking at the same ad time and again not only gets boring but is also annoying at the same point.

Further, it’s a big damage to the brand image because it looks “forced.” In short your ad presence will give a headache for your audience.

A common example would be the “weight loss” ads we see. Yes, we know that are you thinking about, a person before and after the weight loss. They are so readily visible on all the websites that they have lost their credibility and appeal.

  1. Skipping A/B Testing

Marketers often tend to overlook A/B testing but it is a great way to test the ad.

A/B testing includes choosing one variable of each ad and running the variations side-by-side, you can see what works before you use your entire budget. You can switch the copy, the image, the CTA, and the design to see which combination will work the best for you.

We would recommend you do to such tests with smaller budgets; it will help you to scrape out the ineffective ads.

  1. Not Targeting Right Audience

There is a reason why Thumbs up chooses high on energy stars like Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh as their brand ambassador. It is because; they wish to cater to the younger audiences. Now you won’t expect Amitabh Bachan starring in a Thumbs ad, would you?

As fundamental as it may seem, but its often mishandled by the marketers. Often an ad doesn’t work because it’s targeted towards the wrong audience.

You need to cautiously choose the right platform to advertise on and also regularly check through online tools whether the generated traffic is from the right audience or not.

  1. Ineffective Landing Pages

When a user clicks on your display ad, sending them to your website is unlikely to result in them taking the action you want them to take. Effective display ads lead to landing pages specific to the offer that provides all the necessary information users need to close the deal.

But, the mistake happens on the landing page itself. Often your landing pages are not aligned with your ads, website, or keywords. While developing a campaign, always segment keywords and create ads and landing pages that match those keywords and your desired customer.



Now, it’s the time for solutions! We have devised a three-step formula that will instantaneously boost your online display advertising results.  Here you go –

  1. Set a Budget and a Plan

Online Advertisement isn’t a quick fix solution, it requires patience and observation to decode the right mix which works for you.

Thus, make your budget flexible in their nature as results might vary on a weekly basis.

Don’t be hesitant to experiment; online marketing is dynamic in its nature and permutations and combinations are essential. With time, you will get a clearer picture and knowledge of cumulative trends and meaningful insights till then play around various ideas that you may have.

  1. Know the Platform

There are countless number of places to place an ad, with each site having its own pros and cons. The choice totally depends on your target audience. If you are targeting younger population then social networking sites like Facebook would be a preferable choice. On the other hand, if you are targeting investors then Angel List would be an obvious choice. (I do not know if this happens, never seen ads I guess)

  1. Seeing Beyond Online Display Advertising

Your display ad is just the hook, the fish is your landing image/website. Once the ad has done its job, make sure the engagement continues. Your page/website must be enticing and at the same time, it should deliver your message.


We at The Hustler Collective feel that if you apply the right steps for Online display advertising, you can gain enormous brand visibility at a cost-efficient price. As Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube once said -“There are unlimited opportunities for Display Advertising. In fact we are in the process of massive change in the display industry – how it’s bought, how it’s sold and how it’s targeted.”

So, gear the strategy and implement it well and roll with better result. To get help for the strategy, connect with THC, creating brands out of businesses.

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