Content Marketing: Unveiling the Journey of Creating a Brand

Content Marketing: Unveiling the Journey of Creating a Brand

Globalization lead to economic integration and then the burst of the housing bubble made the World economy fall. Complicated and irrelevant, right?

Aren’t your thoughts about content marketing as complicated? You may know the snippets but you don’t knows the whole story and therefore we at THC decided to let you know the start of the story so that you can create one for yourself.


What is Content?

According to Google, Content is both information and communication, the sum total of freshness, readability, relevancy, and usefulness of the information presented and the manner in which it is presented. In short, it is something that makes sense.

There are various platforms to publish your content on. Content is not just textual, it can be anything which gives information. What matters in making the content is its usability (for the reader and the creator) and precision with which it is made.


What is Content Marketing?

According to the Content Marketing Institute, Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

So, the first step to do correct content marketing is to create “valuable” content. Once you achieve this, a good marketing strategy follows. In this marketing blog of THC, we will tell you about a few platforms to publish your content on and increase your followership. Also, we have some great content marketing techniques for you to help you with your content marketing strategy.


Here is a list of mediums to generate content on:

Blogs: Yes, you knew it but we expect you to dig a little deeper. Blog writing is not that fancy and easy. It takes consistency and proper analysis to create a good blog, which can be monetized later.


But once you create great content and monetize it well, there is no limit of earning well. Here is the list of 10 most successful blogs and their incomes:

1 — Huffington Post: $14,000,000 per month

2 — Engadget: $5,500,000 per month

3 — Moz: $4,250,000 per month

4 — Mashable: $2,000,000 per month

5 — TechCrunch: $2,500,000 per month

6 — CopyBlogger: $1,000,000 per month

7 — Perez Hilton: $575,000 per month

8 — Gizmodo: $325,000 per month

9 — Smashing Magazine: $215,000 per month

10 — Tuts+: $175,000 per month


But what makes a blog stand out?

  • Use amazing titles. Period. There is no escape from this. Make your title by using minimum number of words which will explain the maximum about your blog.
  • Have a simple yet appealing blog: Do not clutter your blog with anything and everything under the sun, keep it minimal and keep it classy.
  • Write about topics that are trending. This by no means mean to kill your creativity. Write what you like but choose your topics wisely.
  • “Content marketing is nothing but just great storytelling·” So, what is your story? Write your blogs in a flow, do not break the pattern or format, else it will lead to a reader’s block.


Incorporate keywords in your posts. These keywords will help you optimize your blog but do not use them everywhere, that will make your blog high on keywords and less appealing. Too many keywords will get you Google’s attention, not your audiences.

  • Add visual-graphics to level up the game. Graphics are icing for your blog, they add meaning to it.
  • Say a Hi to your audience, consistently!! Just as we at Hustler do it every weekend and share our small stories with you. Have a scheduled timing and publish blog posts regularly.


YouTube: YouTube sensations might seem to be living a really cool life but you have to know what goes behind the scenes. The tedious process of video recording, editing and inserting the background music is hectic. Also, replying to the unlimited mails, messages and comments demand a lot of time. Plus, managing the collaborations!! But, there is no doubt about the growth that this platform has to offer in terms of popularity and financial incentives.


Here is the list of 10 most trending YouTube sensations:

  • Felix Kjellberg – $12 Million a Year
  • Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla– $8.5 Million a Year
  • Benny and Rafi Fine– $8.5 Million a Year
  • Lindsey Stirling– $6 Million a Year
  • Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln Neal III– $4.5 Million a Year
  • Olajide Olatunji– $ 4.5 Million a Year
  • Michelle Phan– $3 Million a Year
  • Lilly Singh– $2.5 Million a Year
  • Roman Atwood– $2.5 Million a Year
  • Rosanna Pansino– $2.5 Million a Year


How to create an effective YouTube channel?

Define your audience, see who is watching you. One things to know for sure is the enormous number of audiences available to watch YouTube videos. So be sure about the one you wish to cater.

  • Identify priority subjects. We know that sounds too much of planning but trust us on this, the research is worth the time. You can use the Google Keyword Tool and the YouTube Keyword Tool to identify the trending topics and videos to be sure about your content’s marketability.
  • Answer a why before making a YouTube channel. Be sure about the topics, the audience and the impact you wish to create. Rest, all will align in symmetry.
  • As with any digital goal that you may set, the real power lies in the ability to measure every connection and therefore create a true measurement for ROI. So create a channel, run ads, share on social media, work with passion yet measure the progress to motivate yourself to achieve more.


INFOGRAPHICS: When creativity reaches its zenith, Infographics are built. A graphic should explain your whole idea in the most simplistic form. It should be easy to understand yet should cover everything you wish to convey.


Tips for Creating some amazing Infographics:

  1. Create your Infographic according to your target audience.
  2. Keep it simple.
  3. Keep it focused.
  4. Show things visually.
  5. Promote it.
  6. Make it easy to view.


Social Media Assets: We all spend hours surfing on Social Media. These platforms have great power to help in marketing. Social Media Assets that are now being taken seriously are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, these 3 have the power to reach your target audience with minimal cost. But handling them effectively, takes time. There is some sort of regularity, which is expected by your audience but keep in mind that regularity should not lead to spamming. However, once you know this art, there is no stopping for you. Run ads and generate leads, still that is not as easy as it sounds.


How to create amazing social ads?

There is no sure shot recipe for this. It may all be defined by trial and error method. You need to consider a lot of things to run content on social media, successfully.

Some pro tips:

  • Use Humor. Now humor does not mean hurting the sentiments of others but just giving someone a good laugh while scrolling through their newsfeeds.
  • Use Visuals: The newsfeeds are filled with too much of textual content. Adding graphics will make your ad more appealing and worth stopping.
  • Run ads: Now take this seriously. Run ads for optimizing your efforts of creating valuable content.


Podcast: What Google says: Podcast is a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.


How to run an amazing podcast channel successfully?

  • “Make a show that you want to listen to,” Feld suggests. “If you’re feeling it, others will feel it too. Start with your Passion: Mark us on this, if you have a passion, have a podcast around it. This new technique of marketing has enormous viability as a tool for promotions.
  • “Execution is more important than perfection.” Find a great name for your podcast that explains the meaning of its existence. 
  • Getting featured on the iTunes New and Noteworthy podcast list is key for a show to gain listeners, downloads and recognition. Courtesy: Google. So, produce high quality audios and slay your journey to make an amazing podcast channel.

A podcast has ads/promotion at the starting and at the end of it. Attract promoters and sponsors for that part and monetize your podcast.




THC believes in the power of content marketing and is trying to ace it. Reaching the right audience, imprinting your brand in the customer’s mind and getting more leads are just some of the by-products of a successful content marketing strategy.

So what is your strategy? Consult THC, for making one for you. Because, we believe in creating brands out of businesses.

Hope you had a great time reading the blog. We will be back next week with some amazing CONTENT to educate you on the concepts of Digital Marketing.

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