5 Reasons Why Online Advertisement Can Be A Game Changer For Your Business

5 Reasons Why Online Advertisement Can Be A Game Changer For Your Business

When The Body Shop wanted to promote their new range of Fuji Green Tea products in Belgium, they decided to do so through social media marketing. The brand challenged influencers and fans to share their #HealthyMoment on social media. Also, they incentivized the challenge by offering the complete Fuji Green Tea product line and a mindfulness workshop for the winners.

Blogs like BEAUTYMINDED, promoted the giveaway contest in posts that featured the product line.


The #HealthyMoment hashtag became a hit on Instagram. According to the 3sixtyfive case study, this particular hashtag generated 50,000+ likes. There was a 200% increase in engagement with this hashtag. The campaign was joined by the Belgian influencers, which increased the engagement in Belgium to 22% from the level that it was at.

Overall, the brand was able to reach 225,000 people through this giveaway contest. This indeed highlights the power of Online Advertising.

If you have not yet used the opportunity created by social media advertisement then you are really starving your business from clicking on to limitless growth opportunities.

THC is hence here to guide you through the 5 reasons as to why “Online Advertising” can change the landscape of your business.



Cost Effective


Dacia (a subsidiary of Renault) is one the fastest growing car brands of Europe. Best known for their functional cars that offers amazing price-to-value ratio. Also, their customer market has grown by 60,000 cars in the last three years.

However, Dacia now sort to target leads via digital portals (digital/online marketing)

By using Facebook’s boosted posts, they placed ads related to their Sandero, Logan and Stepway models. They also focused on both desktop and mobile users for generating better results. By incorporating data from past activity, the company ensured that a wide variety of ad tests were done, essentially optimizing the advertisement’s impact based on where their customers were, in the buying cycle.

These were the results:

  • 45% reduction in the costs per lead, compared to the standard display ads
  • 27-point increase in ad recall
  • 6-point uplift in brand favorability
  • 6-point uplift in purchase intent

This is one of the best examples of digital marketing proving cost effective.

The virtue of online advertising lies in the fact that within a limited cost, engagement can be garnered and things can be made to go viral. In short, sky is the limit when you go online.

While traditional marketing tactics often come with various hidden costs, which may or may not bear positive results, the cost incurred in digital marketing has visible analytics and results. SEO, content marketing, and social media engagement take time to show results. However, there are still some digital marketing tactics such as pay-per-click, display and social media advertising that can produce quicker results. The Hustler Collective reckons you to do at least one trial run with any of the techniques to see how it works out for you.



Targeted campaign

When you buy a billboard space or a place in a magazine, you’re playing a sure shot blindfold game, hoping that the message would somehow reach the intended audience. Though there are a few ways to increase the probability of your success with the traditional marketing tactics, it just doesn’t offer the same targeting capabilities as digital marketing.

Here’s an example to personify the same –


Coca Cola is one of the first brands to crack the codes of creating engaging content on Snapchat. Their back to school campaign focused solely on the stories of students who were sharing snaps of their first day. By working directly with Snapchat to select and curate content that fits with their target demographic of younger consumers, the completion rate for a Snapchat-exclusive 10-second Coke spot shot up to 54%. With students coming up to share their own videos, the company directly connects with the younger population. Since it is a story about their first day, so it all added to the emotional connections.

To sum it up, with digital marketing campaign you can garner greater engagement and convey the message directly to the user you aimed for. You can only get this level of proximity with digital advertising. What we at The Hustler Collective really want you to focus on here is the use of Targeted Marketing Campaigns.

With digital marketing, you can ensure that the right audience is viewing your content. SEO allows you to reach those consumers who are searching the web for content and topics that are relevant to your business. While pay-per-click, display and social media advertising enables you to target those who are most likely to be interested in your products or services based on demographic information and general characteristics.

In short, we can say that digital marketing helps you hit the Bulls Eye accurately.



Personalized campaign

Personalization isn’t just a tactic for building brand trust. When done right, it presents endless and upsell opportunities for improving sales.


Amazon’s recommendation algorithm consistently makes headlines for its strategic approach to personalization. Continuously being updated to create more tailored experiences, the tool suggests products not only to fit the individual, but several aspects of their personality. Smartly encouraging impulse buying by highlighting key tastes and products to match, it’s a plan that pays off. The company reported a 29% sales increase to $12.83 billion during its second fiscal quarter, up from $9.9 billion during the same time the previous year.

What is the reason behind this success? Imagine being in a store where everything has been selected just for i.e. in accordance to your tastes and preferences. It would not only make you feel special but also increase the likability towards the brands. This exact vibe of personalization gets transmitted in the shopping experience through digital marketing. On the top of it, the use of automation tools helps you to do it at a scale.



Measured Results

Measurability of the results is one of the paramount reasons behind the success of digital marketing. You can never track how many people have looked at your billboard or read your flyer. On the other hand, with digital marketing you can get concrete numbers and reports showing the number of people who have checked your email or even clicked on a specific link. This enables you to cut through the noise and place your focus on areas that generate results.

Digital marketing analytics takes away the guess work and helps you in determining whether your marketing will actually deliver results or not. By analyzing your digital marketing campaigns in real-time, you can see which strategies are working and which are not. Then, you can adjust your campaigns accordingly for remarkable success. You can use the insights to improvise and even rectify the future campaigns.

For instance, let’s say you want to create a social media marketing campaign for a new product. You’ve decided to publish a series of social media posts over a two-week period. With social media analytics, you can see which posts were more popular and engaged with your target audience hence showcasing which drove the most conversions. You can then use this insight to try to reproduce this success with future campaigns.

Here’s a formula to check your digital revenue

Digital Marketing Measurement Formula


Digital marketing analytics allows you to use your resources more effectively. Since you are no longer relying on guess work about what’s working and what isn’t, you can reduce unnecessary expenses and focus your efforts on the strategies that are most likely to improve your ROI.



Brand Image Development

Airbnb, the Uber of the hospitality industry has changed the way we travel and look for accommodations.

The site boasts of 100 million users, 2.3 million listings and a total valuation of $31 billion in 2017.

Their marketing strategy is aimed at getting both travelers and hosts to the platform. Its digital marketing relies primarily on user-generated images and videos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (highlighting the cities and properties), how-to videos and posts geared towards owners and popular city guides. Their Instagram campaign matches humor with compelling images of different travel locations around the world, making it more than just a service – it’s a travel forum as well.

When it comes to social media superstars, Airbnb shines the brightest. During a 2015 Instagram campaign, the company received 13.3 million interactions and increased followership by 341%.


So, what do we learn from this?  Digital content defines the way people perceive the brand, which further helps in highlighting it. After all, in the long run your brand is your company’s most valuable asset. And, if the brand building process is done correctly, you can achieve exponential results.

Here’s a formula that we at The Hustler Collective use to measure the brand strength

Brand Strength = Your reputation   X   Your visibility.

So, now it’s time to branch yourself and welcome your business to the arena of being digital. We at The Hustler Collective are here there to help you pave the way to become a brand rather than just an entity! Connect with The Hustler Collective and get a single sure solution for the codes of your website to your online branding.

The Hustler Collective, Your Marketing Hustlers.

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