12 Digital Media Marketing Strategies Adopted By Startups To Become Global Giants

12 Digital Media Marketing Strategies Adopted By Startups To Become Global Giants


The world is now moving quickly from traditional modes of functioning to a more digital methodology. People consume more digital content because digital communication is easily adaptable, quicker, computable and result oriented. With the upcoming modern technologies and instigation of Digital Marketing. Businesses have been trying to match up to the pace. They are now changing their plans of action to a digital perspective, maneuvering existing marketing strategies with digital techniques. Companies are using the internet to their advantage and employing innovative digital marketing strategies to change their brand perception among the audience. Companies such as Uber, Amul, Flipkart have become immensely popular and successful due to their online presence along with creative marketing techniques, putting them at the top of the constantly changing market. The Hustler Collective team sank deep into researching and analysing the digital marketing techniques of these companies which completely changed their game.



Uber as an international American Company is managing, marketing and developing the Uber App. Uber is a platform using avant-garde technology to connect the driver with the customer in just a touch of a button. You can also be your own boss while working as an Uber driver choosing your own schedule and earn money. Uber founders, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp executed an amazing idea of a cab service through an app which made people’s life much easier. Started in 2009, Uber is currently valued at $70 Billion. Studies show that Uber owes 84% of its popularity to its digital marketing.


  1. Email Marketing: Uber uses email marketing as a prime source of its communication. It notifies its customers about the various offers and promotions and provides information on any objections to the service.
  2. Inbound Marketing: Uber engages its potential customers by providing credits to every new customer and the existing customers who introduce them to Uber. This enables Uber to turn its leads into customers.
  3. Social Media Optimisation: Uber is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Uber is liked by 3 million people on Facebook and has around 143k followers on Instagram, 348k on LinkedIn and 438k on twitter.
  4. Strategic Partnership: According to Uber, an app which has a map is a prospective Uber Application Program Interface partner. They have partnered with various companies like Zomato, BookMyShow, Paytm to increase their reach.
  5. Influencer Marketing: Uber’s ‘Rider Zero ‘campaign rolled in key influencers from different cities to try out Uber’s service “secretly” for the first time and then tweet about it. This led to Uber reaching out to millions of followers of these celebrities on Twitter and create a buzz about the services of Uber.


  • Uber has over 8 million users spread across 60 countries and over 300 cities worldwide, fulfilling one million rides daily.
  • A large percentage of people now use an Uber over a taxi.


Amul is the oldest running dairy brand formed in 1946 and a household name in India. It is managed by the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF), which is jointly owned by 3.6 million milk producers in Gujarat.


Amul has been regarded as one of India’s leading digital dairy brands owing to its innovative digital marketing strategy. With successful campaigns such as “Meme You” and “Eat milk with every meal,” Amul managed to increase its reach to more than 1.2 million people on Facebook. The brand has been celebrated on various occasions because of their immensely relatable graphics. Amul doesn’t use traditional methods of marketing and focuses a great deal on their social media. The brand uses its trademark, ‘Amul girl,’ to generate content on various platforms revolving around the latest national and international happenings. It makes the brand stand out as the content and graphics are witty and relatable and at the same time conveying a strong message in a fun way.

* Amul for Facebook

Amul has interactive communication on Facebook and keeps the users engaged by holding various competitions. Other graphics besides the Amul girl are also used, of their other dairy products and made to look as appetizing and appealing as possible.

*  Amul for Twitter

The content generated on Twitter remains almost the same as on Facebook, nevertheless, it still has surpassed the following base of other major Indian brands. Even when criticized, the social media team of Amul has never avoided accepting their mistakes and resolving the matter publicly and in real time. To have a loyal clientele, it is important to empathize with the audience and understand their problems to resolve them.


  • Amul has built a trusted bond with its consumers, especially the Indian consumer base.
  • The trademark of the brand ‘Amul girl’ makes it stand out in its online and offline marketing.
  • As the world is growing to be highly digitalised, Amul has centered its focus on interactive social media platforms, giving their products visibility among the youth as well.


Flipkart is one of the world’s top 10 most visited E-commerce companies and in India, in respect to website traffic. Formed in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in Singapore with headquarters in Bangalore, Flipkart’s customer base is increasing every day. Flipkart has gone above and beyond for its digital marketing, using every form, ranging from YouTube to social media campaigns and much more.

The main aim of Flipkart to achieve via their digital marketing strategy is as follows:

  1. To create brand awareness.
  2. Position a brand in such a way that customers always prefer Flipkart than any other ecommerce site when it comes to shopping.
  3. Helping customers in solving their complaints, if any and solving their queries as well.
  4. Engaging customers.


Social Media Channels Used To achieve the Objectives: Flipkart has been employing various Social Media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Affiliate Marketing to meet its objectives.

  • Twitter– Flipkart uses Twitter for interacting with its customers and providing quick responses. Information about existing services and products is dispersed via Twitter while also creating a buzz about upcoming products.
  • Facebook– Flipkart uses Facebook as a tool to provide customer support and help customers solve their queries and complaints. The Facebook page updates the customers about all the promotions and sale offers, and of any festivals or live events happening nearby.
  • Blogs– Brand Awareness is achieved by posting on the blogs actively about information on various industry related events, workshops, seminars etc.
  • Google Plus– Flipkart utilizes Google Plus for brand promotion by giving customers updates regarding sales and promotions.
  • Affiliate Programmes– Affiliate programmes by giving banner ads is an efficient way to drive traffic to Flipkart’s website.


The combined efforts of the digital marketing platforms have led to Flipkart get outstanding results such as maximum feedback and target reach. Flipkart upgrades its platforms each time a new technology is launched.


Whenever a company starts a new business, the first order of business is to create a digital presence of the company ergo making the brand visible online for the customer at the tap of just a few buttons. The Hustler Collective believes that, if done right, digital media marketing can help the company achieve great heights.


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