10 Best Stock Music Websites Of 2018 For Video Creators

10 Best Stock Music Websites Of 2018 For Video Creators

Are you looking for stock music websites that don’t suck?

Are you tired listening to lousy quality music?

Also, you want something affordable too!

If the answer to these questions is yes, then you are reading the right blog! Now, we do understand that as a video producer, a lot of us do not wish to get into the hustle of bringing a set of music composers and then building our original music. Instead, we look out for something easy, fast, affordable and high quality.

Fortunately, we have stock music websites that offer the same!

So its time to work not so hard and choose your favorite website from our “10 Best Stock Music Websites of 2018 For Video Creators.”


  1. Partners in Rhyme

The site consists of a combination of free and paid tracks that one can select. One can easily find royalty free music, sound effects, background music, loops and much more.

To start with, Partners in Rhyme understands that you don’t want any hassles and thus you don’t even have to make an account. To download free music, all you have to do is to right-click on the track. You can also purchase packs i.e. a set of compositions. The price point ranges from $70 to $200 for a pack.

Talking about the choices you get, there are music of different genres ranging from rock, pop, romantic to corporate and ambient chill music.

Lastly, Its time to say goodbye to copyright issues. Partners in Rhyme offers you royalty free music for videos!


  1. Musicbed

Quality comes at a price! Moreover, it is precisely what Musicbed is all about. Undoubtedly you will get some of the most high-quality content, but you should be ready to spend dough from your pocket. There is a different price for different categories. For instance, the cheapest license is for a home movie ($49), yet anything commercial starts at $199 and up.

The entire interface is very sleek, making it an easy-to-browse experience. The best part is their database that consists of modern-content brought together by more than 600 artists and composers. It covers all the basic genres that you would need and also offers a ton of great instrumentals, which is ideal for background music.

Personally, we would opt for Musicbed, irrespective of its price because it is easier than composing your own music and you also get a fantastic quality!


  1. Pond5

Though Pond5 has been more famous for top stock videos, it has an extensive collection of stock music and sound effects as well. Pond5 stands strong with 2000+ music tracks in public domain, which are sorted into various categories. They don’t offer any free stock music, but their library’s quality is so good that you will willingly shell out the part of your budget for good content. They have a sorted categorizing system, allowing users to search and sort by date of upload, artist, sales, views, and price.

Pond5 offers a membership pricing plan, where you can download audio tracks from a pre-curated stock music library. Besides, there is even an option to contact the musician directly to discuss the price.


  1. ccMixter

ccMixter is a little different regarding the content that it offers. It is fundamentally a community of musicians uploading music licensed under Creative Commons where you can find thousands of tracks. Majority of the content includes remixes and samples which are further bifurcated by genre, instrumental, etc. Further, there are around 50 categories of music like Hip-Hop, Trip Hop, Electro, House, Rock, Jazz, etc.

On the licensing part, you can find both tracks which are allowed for commercial purposes and royalty free music under a non-commercial license. Each song has its license requirements stated on the listing. The free ones require to credit the author in your

YouTube video description.


  1. Free Soundtrack Music 

Free Soundtrack Music is a community of composers and producers who make music available for video creators. You can get your hands on a wide variety of genres including Alternative, Ambient, Dreamy, Dancefloor, Funky, Jazz, Metal, Lounge, Orchestral, Smooth etc.

If you surf on the website as a guest (you don’t create an account and buy credits), you can download free music for YouTube videos by crediting the author. On the other hand, if you become a member and purchase credit packages, you get more benefits. One of them is to use the piece without crediting the creator. The best part are their prices i.e. Free tracks/More packages, inclusive of the 1-credit tracks, starting at $3.50 for one 1-credit song.


  1. Pac DV

From free tracks to 100$ for a 237 pack, PacDV has got you all covered! Moreover, you don’t even need an account! What else? Unlike conventional categorization of albums, PacDV categorizes the tracks on the basis of moods i.e. uplifting, energetic, romantic, emotional, and more. So what’s the next question in your mind? Licensing, right? PacDV takes a straightforward approach, and you can use the track as long as you give credits to the site in your video description.

All in all, it’s not a massive library. Although there are only around 30 music tracks and sound effects, what makes it different is the ease it provides.


  1. Tekno Axe

TeknoAxe is a musician who owns this site, and he produces all the music available on this site. Right now there are over 1000 tracks and as he produces new music he keeps on adding them on the site. He also owns a Youtube channel, where he uploads new music, which is royalty free too.

The major genres of his music include Electronic Dance music, Rock, and Metal, Orchestra and Soundtrack, Miscellaneous (further divided into subcategories). All music posted here is covered under Creative Commons License, and it’s royalty free music. You can use the tracks in monetized YouTube videos by giving credits to the producer.

All in all, it is completely free!!


  1. Josh Woodward 

Josh Woodward is a prolific Indie acoustic-rock songwriter and musician from Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, who has released 10 albums and more than 200 songs in the past eight years.

The music available on his site consists of multiple genres including Acoustic, Americana, Dark Acoustic, Experimental, Folk Rock, Hard Rock, Pop, Pop Rock, Rock. They are sorted by multiple parameters including genre, moods, themes, etc. Talking about the pricing, there are free tracks available or $40 to download the Epic Bundle of 200+ songs. Lastly, you can safely use the music in YouTube videos without worrying about Content ID claims if you give credits to the author in the description box.


  1. Moby Gratis

Just wonder if you could get access to a Grammy nominee’s box of music without paying any charges! Yes, that’s very much possible!

However, the catch is that your project should be in the category of the non-commercial or non-profit sector.You can access some of the highest quality music along with necessary filtering tools to get exactly the right track that fits your video on Moby Gratis.

If your film qualifies, you’ll just need to register, browse the library, and fill out an application.


  1. Musopen

If you are looking for classical music, then Musopen is the site for you. It provides music that has the expired copyright claim. They provide recordings, sheet music and textbooks to the public for free.The prime highlight of this site is that all the music that’s available is classical and is divided into categories such as instrument, composer, and performer.


So, are you eagerly waiting to explore these site? Well, hold on just a little more! If video production is all that’s going in your head, then you must know how to market it as well. That’s precisely where The Hustler Collective comes in. Contact us and let’s get you rolling!


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